This page lists the common questions about

Teaching Assistant (TA)

How are TA assignments made?

TA assignments are made based on the departmental needs and a student’s background.

What are the number of hours per week for a TA or a grader?

A student may not work more than 20 hours per week, unless granted an exception by the dean of students.

Research Assistant (RA), Research, and Equipment

I am a domestic student, can I do an internship during fall/winter/spring quarter?

The Director of Graduate Studies and your advisor needs to approve any internship during the school year.

I am an international student, can I do an internship during fall/winter/spring quarter?

The Director of Graduate Studies and your advisor needs to approve any internship during the school year. As of 2018 you will need to go on CPT and still register as a student with reading and research during the school year.

Can I borrow equipment (laptops, desktops, extra peripherals) and who do I talk to if I need equipment-related help?

Yes, talk with TechStaff for borrowing equipment and most issues. You can find more information about TechStaff at

How do I access my email from a phone?

As a grad student you should have access to uchicago gsuite.

For addresses:

Most mail clients on the phones will walk you through this process automatically. You should use those provided methods. O365 and gmail will recognize that your email part of GSuite or O365. At the time of writing students only get GSuite accounts, there are exceptions however.

On an iPhone follow steps described here:

Similar directions that cover Android:

There are other instructions for email on the wiki.

How do I request after hours building access?

Contact Nita Yack. Please provide Nita a copy of the front and back of your ID when making the request.

Funding and Reimbursements

What is the process if I need a department nomination for a fellowship?

Contact the Director of Graduate Studies to be considered for a department nomination

What resources are available for fellowships?

See the UChicago GRAD Fellowship database:

What can I be reimbursed for and what is the process for reimbursement?

You must have prior approval for any reimbursement. Conference travel may only be reimbursed with  advisor approval, if the advisor is sponsoring the travel. Contact tech staff for any equipment or software related acquisition. For any other questions Nita prior to purchase.

To be reimburse, please fill out the appropriate form and submit the signed form and receipts to your advisor’s reimbursement contact staff.

I need to book travel for a conference for which I can be reimbursed, but don't have the money up front - can someone arrange travel for me and who should I talk to about it?

Any questions on travel advances should go to your staff reimbursement contact. Confirm with your advisor that they are sponsoring the trip.

Am I eligible per diem for travel?

Students are not eligible for per diem travel. Please save all receipts, and receipts must show that is was paid and by how.

My advisor doesn't have funding for me over the summer, what should I do?

Speaking to your advisor about options is the first step, but many students seek internships during the summer.


What are the milestones and deadlines for the PhD Thesis?

There are three phases for the PhD process: 

Phase 1: Complete a Master's degree within the PhD program by end of your second year

Phase 2: Gain admission to candidacy, done a year before the defense

Phase 3:  Write and defend a dissertation.

Each phase must be announced two weeks prior. Watch emails to PhD for graduation requirements from Patricia for deadlines on when to apply for a degree. Contact Patricia for information and forms for each step. 

Who can serve on your committee and what are the requirements?

At least 3 faculty members must be on your committee. At least half must be members of the department faculty.  

Where do I upload my MS/ PhD thesis?

For your PhD see:

For the MS, the paper must be emailed Patricia electronically before the announcement.

Is there a template for the MS/PhD paper and where can I find it?

There is no official template, but many students use the dissertation office’s template.

Find the dissertation template at:

What paperwork must be completed when intending to graduate with a PhD?

For the dissertation defense, several forms must be signed by the committee and chair. Contact Patricia for forms. You must submit the dissertation to the dissertation office. Please see dissertation site for official deadlines:

My research is interdisciplinary in nature, can I take courses outside of the department to count towards my course requirements?

This is typically allowed, but you must get pre-approval from the Director of Graduate studies for classes that are not listed as electives.

Student Life

Where can I find information about stipends, insurance, student life fee, and other money-related issues?

Question on insurance should be directed to Student Health and Counseling Services.

Contact questions Patricia for problems or questions about salary or stipends.

Where is the campus map?

How do I get a new ID?

Visit the ID and Privileges office on the first floor of Regenstein, Room 100F.

What is the pay schedule for TA and RA?

For both TAs and RAs, here are the pay months (the pay is issued on the last work day of the month, typically in the form of direct deposit):

Autumn Quarter pay months are October, November, and December

Winter Quarter pay months are January, February, and March

Spring Quarter pay months are April, May, and June

Summer Quarter pay months are July, August, and September*

* Note that in the summer, supported students might not receive support for all three months.  Most summer RAs receive support for all three months, but sometimes advisors arrange for their students to just receive one or two months of support.  Students completing their first year of studies typically receive two months of department-funded support.

Other Resources

Where do we go for career management resources (ex. job boards, resume reviews, interview assistance)?

UChicago Grad has many resources available: