Fourth-Year CS Major Earns Schwarzman Scholarship

December 10, 2018

Photo by Eliana Melmed

Devshi Mehrotra believes that computer science education can provide crucial skills for securing employment in an increasingly tech-centric, globalized world. Dedicated to public service, the fourth-year College student has led efforts at UChicago to promote just and equitable advancements in technology.

As co-director of the student group compileHer, she has helped middle school girls interested in computer science find educational opportunities.

“The activities I have taken part in over the course of my undergraduate experience have affirmed to me that I would like to dedicate my life toward finding ways technology can be leveraged as a means to equalize opportunity for those who are most underserved in society and work towards social justice along racial and socioeconomic lines,” she said.

Mehrotra will continue to pursue her interdisciplinary interests in technology and public service next year through the Schwarzman Scholars program in Beijing. One of 147 students selected for the competitive fellowship, Mehrotra will complete a one-year master’s program in global affairs at Tsinghua University, one of the world’s most renowned institutions of technology and an important hub for China’s growth.

“As someone who would ultimately like to pursue graduate studies in computer science, I am eager to devote my year in Beijing toward building my experience as an artificial intelligence researcher,” said Mehrotra, who will graduate from UChicago in the spring with a joint bachelor’s/master’s degree in computer science. “Not only has Tsinghua University recently launched an institute for AI, but I also know that Beijing is home to a vibrant ecosystem of machine learning startups.”

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