• Bob Bartlett

    Bob Bartlett Director of Techstaff
    Department of Computer Science

  • Josh Blackwood

    Josh Blackwood Student Affairs Representative
    Masters Program in Computer Science

  • Cosmos Boekell

    Cosmos Boekell Director of Computer Science Instructional Laboratory (CSIL)

  • Donna Brooms

    Donna Brooms Department Secretary
    Department of Computer Science

  • Karin Czaplewski

    Karin Czaplewski Student Support Representative
    Masters Program in Computer Science

  • Teresa Davis

    Teresa Davis Program Assistant, Computational Analysis & Public Policy

  • Morgan Denlow

    Morgan Denlow Deputy to the Editor in Chief Communications of the ACM

  • Tom Dobes

    Tom Dobes Systems Administrator

  • Jessica Garza

    Jessica Garza Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies

  • Colin Hudler

    Colin Hudler Systems Administrator

  • Randall Landsberg

    Randall Landsberg Education Outreach Director

  • Anna Lorimer

    Anna Lorimer Senior Research Analyst

  • Kathryn Mattie

    Kathryn Mattie Program Director of Computational Analysis & Public Policy

  • Montgomery Maxwell

    Montgomery Maxwell Sr. Analyst, Data Science reports to Robert Grossman

  • Rob Mitchum

    Rob Mitchum Director of Communications
    Department of Computer Science

  • Mindi Mysliwiec

    Mindi Mysliewiec Director of Operations for Data Science Program

  • Rene Noyola

    Rene Noyola Executive Assistant to the Manager

  • Mark Powers

    Mark Powers Cloud Computing Developer reporting to Kate Keahey (starts 5/24/2021)

  • Sandy Quarles

    Sandy Quarles Project Assistant IV
    Department of Computer Science

  • Katherine Rosengarten

    Katherine Rosengarten Administrative Specialist with the Center for Data and Computing

  • Michael Sherman

    Michael Sherman Senior Scientist

  • Molly Stoner

    Molly Stoner Director of Admissions and Student Affairs
    Masters Program in Computer Science

  • Alyssa Szynal

    Alyssa Szynal Associate Program Director, Computational Analysis & Public Policy

  • Carolyn Topper

    Carolyn Topper Audio & Video Technician

  • Sandra D. Wallace

    Sandra D. Wallace Executive Assistant to Mike Franklin
    Administrative Coordinator for Faculty Recruiting and Other Academic Appointments

  • Megan Woodward

    Megan Woodward Student Affairs & Inclusion, Sr. Analyst

  • Kelly Woodward-Miller

    Kelly Woodward-Miller Assistant Director, Admissions in the Masters Program in Computer Science

  • Nita K. Yack

    Nita K. Yack Department Manager
    Department of Computer Science

  • Brent Yen

    Brent Yen School Development Specialist reporting to Diana Franklin

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